New Moon Abundance Cheques


          Writing abundance cheques is a method we can use to manifest more abundance in our lives. They are written within 24 hours after a New Moon.

          Surprisingly, you really don't even need to believe that the cheque will work when you write it. You will however be amazed at the results, as you will see increased abundance in your life, in some life area. It is not always financial, but certainly in an area that you need.

          There is a traditional manner, which has been handed down through the generations which must be followed. If you do not have a checking account you can print some from
Here* or you can draw a check on a piece of paper.  Whichever cheque you use,  fill it out the same way, for the result will be the same, more abundance for you!

Here's how to write them:

1.) Within 24 hours after a New Moon, take a cheque from your cheque book. Where it says "Pay to," write your name.

2.) In the little box on the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount write "Paid in full."

3.) On the line underneath your name, where you would write out a dollar amount, write "Paid in full."

4.) Sign the cheque: "The Law of Abundance.

         Do not put a date on the cheque. Do not write a specific dollar amount in the cheque. Put it in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take it from there. Many people are skeptical about trying this until they do it. After the first time they realize the power of these cheques they do them routinely every month! Make sure you write out a cheque for each of your accounts (business and personal). For the best results write the check at the exact time the New Moon rises. You have 24 hours after the time of rising to write your cheque.

        Some people will keep their cheques for a while and get rid of all of them on a yearly basis. Other people will keep them only for the cycle of the moon of that month. Then before the New Moon starts they will shred or burn last months cheques to make way for the new energy the next months cheque will bring. It's up to your and what you decide you want your tradition to be.

        My own tradition is that I fold the old checque into quarters, then tear it up, or burn it.  If I dispose of it by burning, I chant a THANK you to the Universe.  If circumstances require me to tear it up, I throw it into the garbage can, but remove that garbage from my home immediately.

*Regarding the memo:  I write THANK you, some write  nothing.


Example of an Abundance Cheque


Some Other Ideas... to use at your own discretion.

            Some people disregard the instructions and fill in an amount, however, I advise that If you choose to add in an amount, remember you are limiting yourself to what you have specified remember, abundance comes in EVERY shape or form so try not to limit yourself to wishing for a purely financial abundance form.

            Some also disregard the instruction to NOT date their abundance cheque.  Let me explain why you absolutely should NOT date your cheque:  simply, dates are LIMITING!

            Some people use "unlimited " or "endless supply" rather than "Paid in Full" Use your own choice, I DO use "Paid in Full"

            Also, some sign their cheque "The Universe" or "Source" or "The Law of Attraction" or even "All That Is".  I personally always use "The Law of Abundance".

          There are many fun things you can do with your Abundance Cheques. After you write an Abundance Cheque write a list of intentions you wish to bring into your life. The power of Abundance is in your favor.  Start thinking about things or issues you would like assistance with. When your list is complete wrap the list of intentions around the cheque and keep it somewhere special.

          *Sometimes people will add some thing to the memo. Such as: Love and Gratitude, Harmony, Unexpected Income. The belief behind this is that you will receive extra abundance in the topic you wrote in the memo.

          Some people will endorse the back of the cheque with their signature, ensuring that they are cashing in on the abundance coming to them.


2011 New Moon Schedule (all times GMT)

	 Jan  	 4  		09:03    
        	 Feb  	 3  		02:31     
        	 Mar  	 4  		20:46        
        	 Apr  	 3  		14:32        
        	 May 	 3  		06:50       
        	 Jun  	 1  		21:02      
        	 Jul  	 1  		08:53       
        	 Jul 	30  		18:39         
        	 Aug 	29  		03:03         
        	 Sep 	27  		11:08        
        	 Oct 	26  		19:56         
        	 Nov 	25  		06:10       
        	 Dec 	24  		18:07
2012 New Moon Schedule (all times GMT)
	Jan 	23  		07:40     
        	Feb 	21  		22:36     
        	Mar 	22  		14:38     
        	Apr 	21  		07:19          
        	May 	20  		23:47         
        	Jun 	19  		15:02        
        	Jul 	19  		04:23     
        	Aug 	17  		15:53     
        	Sep 	16  		02:09     
        	Oct 	15  		12:01         
       	Nov 	13  		22:07       
        	Dec 	13  		08:41     
2013 New Moon Schedule (all times GMT)
		Jan 	11  		19:44         
        		Feb 	10  		07:21         
        		Mar 	11  		19:53        
        		Apr 	10  		09:38         
        		May 	10  		00:30     
        		Jun  	 8  		15:58       	
        		Jul  	 8  		07:15       		
        		Aug  	 6  		21:50        	
        		Sep  	 5  		11:35     	
        		Oct  	 5  		00:33         	
       		Nov  	 3  		12:48   	
        		Dec  	 3  		00:21
2014 New Moon Schedule (all times GMT)
	Jan  	 1  		11:14     	
        	Jan 	30  		21:39         
        	Mar  	 1  		08:01        	
        	Mar 	30  		18:47       
        	Apr 	29  		06:16     
        	May 	28  		18:42         
        	Jun 	27  		08:09     
        	Jul 	26  		22:42         
        	Aug 	25  		14:12         
        	Sep 	24  		06:12         
        	Oct 	23  		21:55     
        	Nov 	22  		12:31         
        	Dec 	22  		01:35
2015 New Moon Schedule (all times GMT)
		Jan 	20  		13:14     
        		Feb 	18  		23:48         
        		Mar 	20  		09:37     
        		Apr 	18  		18:58         
        		May 	18  		04:14         
        		Jun 	16  		14:06        
        		Jul 	16  		01:25        
        		Aug 	14  		14:53         
        		Sep 	13  		06:41     
        		Oct 	13  		00:05         
       		Nov 	11  		17:46         
        		Dec 	11  		10:29
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